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Slim Sandy CD! "Rough and Ready"

Review By John Threlfall, Monday Magazine, Victoria
Mar 21 2007

Formerly of Ray Condo and his Hardrock Goners, Slim Sandy is billed as ďthe one-man rockiní bandĒ, an apt title for this solo hillbilly boogie guy who manages to play the guitar, blow the harp and stomp out a mean beat all at once. An intentionally low-fi effort, Rough & Ready has an early Sun Records feel thatís sure to satisfy any fan of those formational early country/emerging rock and roll years. This is a good foot-stompiní, beer-drinkiní, truck-driviní disc (although not all at once, please) that should more than satisfy any alt-country fan. Start practicing yer best yee-haw holler for the CD launch at Loganís this weekend.

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