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Here's an excerpt from the CD Liner notes:

If ol' Bob Wills were still alive today, you can bet that he'd go for The Crazy Rhythm Daddies. Not just because they cover three of the songs he played ("Bring it on Down To My House, Honey," "Who Walks In (When I Walk Out)" and "Get With It"), but because they love his kind of music. The Daddies dig jumpin' Western Swing like The Modern Mountaineers' "Everybody's Trucking" and "Getting That Lowdown Swing," or The Washboard Wonders' "It Ain't Right."

These talented and versatile musicians are just as comfortable with boppin' hillbilly tunes like Grandpa Jones' "It's Rainin Here This Morning," savage rock'n roll like Pretty Boy's "Bip Bop Bip," or goosed up traditional songs like "Crawdad" and "Deep Ellum Blues, adding their own special touch to each and every one of them.

Marc Coulavin

1. WHEN I WENT WALKING (S. Eager) 2. KILLIN' JIVE (A. Powell) Manitou Music 3. DEEP ELLUM BLUES (PD. arr. E. Sandmark, P. Sandmark) SOCAN 4. IT AIN'T RIGHT (Rothberg-Mayer) Bourne co. 5. BRING IT ON DOWN TO MY HOUSE, HONEY (Trad.) 6 TRAVELLING SHOES (E. Sandmark-R Sandmark) SOCAN 7. CRAWOAD (Trad. arr E. Sandmark-P. Sandmark) SOCAN 8. WHO WALKS IN (WHEN I WALK OUT) (Hoffman-Goodheart-Freed) Peer Music Canada 9. ONE IS NEVER TOO OLD TO SWING (E. Battle-L. Grimes) Lewis Music 10. IT'S RAININ' HERE THIS MORNING (L.M. Jones) Unichappell Music 11. SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY (L. Clinton) Dulcet Music 12. SHE'S GONE GONE, GONE (Harlan Howard) Tree Music 13. EVERYBOOY'S TRUCKIN' (J. Woods) Berwick Music 14. GET WITH IT (J.R. Wilis-T Duncan) Warner/Chappell Music Canada Ltd. 15. GETTING THAT LOWDOWN SWING (J. Woods) Berwick Music. 16. CRAZY RHYTHM BOOGIE E. Sandmark-P. Sandmark) SOCAN 17. BIP BOP BIP (Don Covay) Raw Stock Music