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Ray Condo & the Ricochets

On May 14th Ray Condo & the Ricochets blew into Montreal to swing and sway with many old "Ray Condo & the Hardrock Goners" fans, at the new club, Le Swimming, on St-Laurent blvd, known as "the Main."

The crowd was dancing from the get go and there were even complaints in the local rag (the Montreal Mirror) later that week that the dance floor was too small! After the show the band partied late with Crazy Rhythm Daddies, Eric & Peter Sandmark (former bandmates in the Hardrock Goners), and Saturday morning Ray and the lads were needing hangover cures! Nonetheless they hit the long road to Toronto, and according to our spies there, put on one bang-up show at that city's legendary club, the Horseshoe!

You can order Ray's CDs (and the Daddies CD!) from:

On the left is Jimmy Roy on the steel guitar, and
Ray Condo is front and center blowing the old saxamaphone!